The Nasibi accusation that Shia texts legitimize incest and homosexuality


The impure followers of Muawiya particularly those of Sipah-e-Sahaba often use a scanned image which they claim is from a prominent Shia book ‘Man la Yahduruhu al Faqih’ whereas the said passage is actually from the book called Feraq al-Shia , page 95 written by the Shia scholar Naubakhti with the following handwritten caption appearing on the said scanned image:

“It is permissible for a man to perform Nikah with another man. It is also permissible to perform Nikah with one’s real mother, sister and daughter’.


Click here to see the scanned image from ‘Feraq al-Shia’ by Naubkhat that is being used by Nawasib


Reply One: The actual reference

The reality is the actual reference used by the Nawasib reads as follows:

وقد شذت فرقة من القائلين بإمامة علي بن محمد في حياته فقالت بنبوة رجل يقال له محمد بن نصير النميري وكان يدعي أنه نبي بعثه أبوالحسن العسكري عليه السلام وكان يقول بالتناسخ ويغلو في أبي الحسن ويقول فيه بالربوبية ويقول بالإباحة للمحارم ويحلل نكاح الرجال بعضهم بعضاً في أدبارهم

 “A group from amongst those that believed in the Imamate of Muhammad bin Ali became misguided and claimed that Muhammad bin Nusair al-Numairi was a prophet and that he (Ibn Nusair) declared himself to be a Prophet that was sent by Abu al-Hassan al-Askari (as), he used to declare a belief in the transmigration of souls and held exaggerated beliefs for Abi al-Hassan and claimed that he was God and he legalized incest and legalized sodomy for men”


Reply Two: The reference is not about the Shia 

The Nawasib have once again proved to be the perfect descendants of their ancestors that included those who had the audacity to attribute a lie to Holy Prophet (s) right in front of His (s) daughter. Are the above cited words are themselves not self explanatory, pointing not to the Shia Ithna Ashari Sect but infact a notorious cult headed by Muhammad bin Nusair al-Humairi? The very purpose for authoring the book Feraq al-Shia by Naubakhti was to discuss all those cults that deviated from the right path i.e. from the true Shias of Ahlulbayt (as). This cult believed in the prophethood of a man named Muhammad bin Nusair al-Numairi, who: 

-         claimed he was a Prophet sent via Abu al-Hassan al-Askari,

-         believed in the transmigration of souls to Abu al-Hassan, and used to attribute divinity to him,

-         permitted incest and sodomy.

Is there still any reason why the views of above mentioned cult be linked with those of the Shias of Ahlulbayt (as)? If we were to adopt the same devious methodology can we not say that same about Qadianis who are an off shoot of Sunni Islam?  The Qadianis are after all a cult that believed that Mirza Gulam Ahmad was a Prophet that received Wahi via an Angel, should we declare that this is the belief of Sunnis?


Reply Three: Marrying one’s daughter is very much permissible in Sunni school

It seems that these Nasibi imbeciles have still not learnt their lesson i.e. not to disturb the people of truth, lest their lies backfire! Since they had the audacity of attributing a lie towards school of Ahlulbayt (as), allow us to unveil their own immoral beliefs. We read the following in the famed Sunni book al-Fiqh ala Madahib Arbea, by Jazairi, Volume 4 page 42:

ويجوز للرجل أن يتزوج بنته المخلوقة من مائه زنا ، فإذا زنى بامرأة وحملت منه سفاحاً وجاءت ببنت فإنها لا تحرم عليه لأن ماء الزنا لا حرمة له ، وكما تحل له تحل لأصوله وفروعه

 It is permissible for a man to marry his biological daughter if she was (conceived) through fornication, if he committed fornication with a woman and she got pregnant from him and gave birth to a girl then the girl is not unmarriable for him because the sperm released through fornication doesn’t make someone umarriable, as she is marriable for him, she is also marriable for his ancestors and progeny.        

Similarly we read in Al-Mughni, by Imam Ibn Qadama, Volume 7 page 485:

ويحرم على الرجل نكاح بنته من الزنى ، وأخته ، وبنت ابنه ، وبنت بنته ، وبنت أخيه ، وأخته من الزنى . وهو قول عامة الفقهاء . وقال مالك ، والشافعي في المشهور من مذهبه : يجوز ذلك كله ; لأنها أجنبية منه ولا تنسب إليه شرعا

It’s not permissible for the man to marry his daughter born through adultery, or her sister, grand daughter, niece and sister and this is the statement of the scholars, but Malik and Shafiyee said that it is permissible because she is alien and does not relate to him.

Just see how convenient these spiritual children of Muawiya have made the religion wherein a Nasibi man can enter into a one of the ladies of the Muawiya cult and if a daughter is born from such a union then the Nasibi male will have once again a license to increase the number of Nawasib in this world by marrying his own daughter. Alhamdulilah, we the followers of Ahlulbayt (as) are aloof from such Kufr beliefs and in this regard we would like to quote  Jawad Mughnyia who in his authority work Fiqh al-Imam Jafar al-Sadiq, Volume 5 page 222 has stated:

 لا يجوز للرجل أن يتزوج بنته من الزنا أو أخته ولا بنت ابنه ولا بنت بنته ولا بنت اخيه أو اخته لأنها وإن تكن من الزنا فإنها من ماء من تولدت منه حقيقة وواقعاً

 “It is impermissible for a man to marry his daughter who is born through fornication, neither his granddaughter or sister or niece even if they were born through fornication because biologically they are born from the person who gave the sperm”.    

 Similarly we also read in al-Fiqh al-Islami, by Muhammad Taqi al-Modarressi, Volume 2 page 383:

 وإذا عرف الرجل أن بنتاً قد خلقت من مائه لم يجز له أن ينكحها حتى ولو انتفى نسبها عنه شرعاً مثل ما إذا كانت قد خلقت من زنا

 “If a man knows that a girl was born from his sperm, it is impermissible for him to marry her even if she wasn’t attributed to him legally such as if she was born through fornication”

 Marrying one’s daughter is permissible in Nasibi Fiqh, it was perhaps this very thing frustrated them that thus caused them to fabricate a similar sort of belief and attribute to the people of truth, but Alhamdulillah, truth has once again prevailed over falsehood!


Reply Four: A deviant similar to al-Numari also appeared amongst the Sunnis

If the Nawasib are seeking to draw a nexus between the beliefs of an individual with deviant beliefs and those of the twelver Shia merely because of his being in contact with the Shias of that time, they should know that precisely the same approach can be used against them, since there existed a similar minded deviant from amongst their own blessed ranks as cited by one of the esteemed Shafiyee scholars namely Abdul Qaher Baghdadi (d. 429 H) who wrote in his authority work al-Farq bayn al-Feraq, page 217:

أما العذافرة فقوم ببغداد أتباع رجل ظهر ببغداد في أيام الراضي ابن المقتدر في سنة اثنتين وعشرين وثلاثمائة وكان معروفا بابن أبي العذافر واسمه محمد بن علي الشلمغاني وادعى حلول روح الإله فيه وسمى نفسه روح القدس ووضع لأتباعه كتاباً سماه الحاسة السادسة وصرح فيه برفع الشريعة وأباح اللواط وزعم أنه إيلاج الفاضل نوره في المفضول

Adafera, they are a group of people following a man who had appeared in Baghdad during the reign of al-Radhi ibn al-Muqtader in year 322 A.H. and he was known as Ibn Abi Adafer, and his name was Muhammad bin Ali al-Shelmeghani, he claimed that the holy spirit had incarnated into his body thus he named himself “the Holy Spirit”. He wrote a book for his followers named ‘The Sixth Sense’ wherein he declared that the Shariya had been abrogated and that he permitted homosexuality, he claimed that sodomy was a process of transmitting light from the most pious man into the least pious man. 


Reply Five: Homosexuality is also part and parcel of Sunni school

 We have already dedicated a separate portion in one of the chapters of our article on the Marriage of Mut’ah to unveil the ad infinitum nexus between homosexuality and the Sunni sect and hence we are deliberately not repeating the same evidence herein.

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