Hate of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) can change the status of a Narrator

Shoua’ib Arna’ut was a Syrian Scholar of Hadeeth who died in 2016. He was famous for weakning the Narrations about Merits of Ali ibn Abi Talib (as). Today we will show you his hypocrisy.



Imam Ahmad [Died 241 Hijrah] narrates from Wak’e from Hisham bin Saad from Zayd bin Aslam from his Father from Umar from Prophet (pbuh) who said :

” A Man taking back his Charity is like a Dog taking back his vomitus “

Shaykh Aran’ut says : “The Chain of Narration is Good. All Narrators are Narrators of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim except Hisham bin Saad. He is Narrator from Sahih Muslim only and a Good Narrator. (Hasan Al-Hadeeth)”

Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal – Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal // Vol 1 // Page 445 // Hadith 384 // Edn. Risalah Alamiyyah Beriut.


Now see the other side of coin !


Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal narrates from Wak’e from Hisham bim Saad from Umar bin Aseed from Abdullah bin Umar who said :

” During the time of Prophet (pbuh) we used to say that Prophet (pbuh) is best, then Abu Bakr, then Umar and Ali ibn Abi Talib had three traits and if I had one among them it would have been more beloved to me than Red Camels. These are :

Prophet (pbuh) married his daughter to him and he had children through him.

Every door to Mosque of Prophet (pbuh) was closed except for him.

Prophet (pbuh) gave him flag on the day of Battle of Khyber.

Shaykh Aran’ut says : The Chain of Narration is Weak. Hisham bin Saad has been declared weak. His narrations are to be written as supportive ones and not to relied upon.

Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal – Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal // Vol 9 // Page 416 // Hadith 4797 // Edn. Risalah Alamiyyah Beriut.


So you can see his Hypocrisy. When a simple Narrations comes from Hisham bin Saad he is Good Narrator but when he narartes a merit of Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) he is declared Weak.



Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal via his own chain from Emran bin Husain who said :

“The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) dispatched an army and placed Ali ibn Abi Talib in charge……..(At the end of the Hadith, Prophet (pbuh) said to those companions who did backbitting of Ali Ibn Abi Talib) , What do you want from Ali? What do you want from Ali ?

Verily : Ali is from me and I am from him; and he is the Wali of every Believer after me.”


Shaykh Arna’ut as usual out of his hate for Ali ibn Abi Talib called it weak. He says :

” This Chain is Weak due to Jafar bin Sulieman who is Dhabi. Something has been said about him. He was a Shi’a. “

Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal // Vol 33 // Page 154 // Hadith 19928 // Edn. Risalah Alamiyyah Beriut.


Now the Same Narrator comes in as many as 10 Narrations other than the above one and the same Shaykh Arna’ut has Authenticated them. Here are two examples.


On Hadith 19538 he says :

” The chain is Authentic on the Criteria of Imam Muslim. Jafar bin Suleiman who is Dhabi is from Sahih Muslim…..

Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal // Vol 32 // Page 309 // Hadith 19538 // Edn. Risalah Alamiyyah Beriut.


On another Hadith 19948 he says :

” The chain is Strong on the criteria of Imam Muslim. All Narrators are than of Shaykhain except Jafar bin Suleiman bin Dabhi who is from Sahih Muslim only. He is Truthfull and Good in Narrations.”

Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal // Vol 33 // Page 170 // Hadith 1994 // Edn. Risalah Alamiyyah Beriut.


To be continued......

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