Shia Usool al-Deen


This book is the English translation of Abdul Kareem Mushtaq Shaheed’s Urdu booklet ‘Usul-e-Deen’. This was the first book written by him, after he converted to Shi’a Islam in the 1970’s. In the final chapter he challenged the Ahl’ul Sunnah with 100 questions that we have already translated previously.

This value of this brief booklet should not be underestimated, since it beautifully sets out that Shi’a viewpoint and appeals directly to those that are aimlessly confused searching for the truth. The team have added further texts from Najh ul Balagha and the works of Shakykh Saduq so as to affirm that what is being stated by the scholar are not the rantings of a man in taqiyya, rather they are true Shi’a beliefs.

Abdul Kareem Mushtaq proved himself a prolific writer and wrote at least 40 other books that refuted all the lies churned out by the Nasibi propaganda machine. He was responsible for converting scores of people to Shi’aism and was his achievements will always remain in our minds. Whilst the followers of Mu’awiya sought to silence him by banning some of his books and then killing him, the writings of this great martyr are still readily available in the Indian Subcontinent and continue to bring people to the path of truth. We pray that his wonderful book act as a means of approach in the next world, and that Allah (swt) grants him Paradise in the company of the Ahl’ul bayt (as) – Ameen.

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