Distortion committed by the Urdu translator of Tarikh Khulafa so as to hide Abu Bakr’s admission about who was the true successor of the Prophet (s)


Jalaluddin Suyuti has recorded the following account:

 … فقال : صدقت إنه مجلس أبيك  ۔۔۔

“Al Hassan Ibn Ali came to Abu Bakr when he was upon the mimbar of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and said ‘Come down from my father’s seat’. He said ‘You have told the truth, it is your father’s seat,’ and he placed him in his lap and wept’. Ali said ‘By Allah this was not from my command’.

History of the Khalifahs who took the right away, by Al Hafiz Jalaludin Suyuti. English translation by Abdasamad Clark, page 71 (Taha Publishers)

 It seems that the sudden and unexpected admission by Abu Bakar caused some inconvenience to Iqbaludeen Ahmad who rendered the Urdu translation of Suyuti’s authority work Tarikh Khulafa (and published by the famed Sunni publishing house, Nafees Book Academy, Urdu Bazar Karachi) that he expunged the words “it is your father’s seat” from the narrative:

“Hadhrat Abu Bakar Sideeq, the caliph pf Holy Prophet (s) was giving a sermon from the pulpit/seat that Imam Hassan (ra) came and said ‘Come down fro my father’s seat’. He said: ‘You have told the truth’. And he placed him in his lap and wept’.

Tarikh Khulafa, Urdu translation by Iqbaludeen Ahmad, page 86

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